Are You Being Overcharged And Underserviced?

Most small business owners are very busy and resist changing accountants because it is just easier to stick with the status quo, rather than take a chance with someone new.  At least  you know what you’re getting, right?  Also, most think they are just too busy to mess with the hassle of changing accountants.

Below are 10 Reasons You Need a New Accountant

  1. You have to leave a message and return phone calls take way too long.
  2. Your books are always a month or two behind.
  3. Your business has grown and you need more relevant advice.
  4. Their mistakes cause you to wonder about the quality of their work.
  5. You receive surprise invoices and cannot budget for their fees.
  6. They do not offer a written guarantee for their services.
  7. Daily cash balance and projected cash flow data is critical to your success and you currently receive no help.
  8. You are paying for duplication of efforts and inefficiency with your accountant having a master set of books and you having your set of books.  He manually takes information from your backup file each month to create another set of books for your monthly financial statements.
  9. You have heard about cloud technology and you want to take advantage of the latest technology in your business but your current accountant is resistant to change.
  10. You just don’t like  them anymore!

These are just 10 that I could quickly come up with.  There are many more, but you get the idea.  Until you speak with a  next generation CPA firm about your business, you may not even realize how much technology has changed the way CPA firms operate.  We are able to provide much better service and current relevant financial insight about your business than before.  To speak with Ron Wilburn, CPA  about how we can help your business, Skype Ron.Wilburn99 or call (918) 289-8212.  If you want to tell us a little more about your business and schedule a return phone call at a more convenient time for you, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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